Summer vibes... a new season with RHG.

Resting and reclaiming vision.

How many of us have have set up our umbrella, laid out the beach towel and just enjoyed the scenery? Embracing the extended blue skies of joy and "wins"? How many more of us have endured the disappointment of cloudy, stormy, red flag days...extended times of difficulty, losing our footing to the fury of the waves? Finding our feet can simply mean flipping a switch...losing our panic and waiting for the strength of the waves to weaken. We look for the blue sky and hold tight to hope. And tentatively...we stand firm, regaining our confidence that, indeed, we can make it back to rest. We've all been there. Some of us are "there" now...sometimes, we ALL need to be reminded: You are OK.  If you are reading this, you're're alive.  There is hope. Reclaim your footing. Stand firm and move step at a time. Let's rest on the beach and enjoy the scenery.